Citizn Company

After I successfully pitched a preliminary plan to the CEO in one of my graduate design classes, Citizn hired me on as a contractor to completely build out the brand for their legaltech startup. Everything from brand voice and mood to fonts, colors, and logo were carefully chosen and selected to establish Citizn as startup to watch.

In crafting the brand, I wanted to create an identity that would give Citizn the professional look and feel it needed while the founders continued to raise funding and grow their product.

Citizn Logo in White on Blue Background Citizn Logo in Blue on White Background The Citizn logo family includes a certification mark to be placed on the sites of participating vendors and companies.
Citizn's primary brand color is a bright blue that stands out to communicate trust, confidence, intelligence, and technological advancement. A golden yellow accent color brings warmth, apporachability, and visibility wherever it is placed. Color Usage diagram with white, dark grey, and light grey dominating  - with punctuations of color.


Karla was chosen as the primary brand font because it is clean and modern, without being stuffy. Being a grotesque font, it's quirky letterforms lend an air of friendliness.