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The Joy of Bob

WIP: converting HTML gallery into a React application, static site hosted here →

Almost from the beginning of my graduate program, I knew I wanted to design something that connected discouraged people to the joy found in Bob Ross quotes. I started an Evernote called "Bob Ross App" back in October '18 and was just biding my time until I could use these notes for a real project.

I had been listening to his videos while working on a few coding projects back then and realized his voice was so soothing and his words were incredibly encouraging. He’s like the Mister Rogers of painting. From then on, I was a bit obsessed.

A quick list of what I've made to date: I wrote a Medium blog post about him that got a decent amount of attention compared to my other posts; I made a Christmas card where I photoshopped myself as him painting; and I even created a Chrome browser extension last fall that would open a new tab with a quote.

I honestly look at "The Joy of Bob" as an ongoing project that continues to manifest itself in different ways. I would like compile all of the various projects here in one place so that hopefully there is a medium that resonates with everyone.