Luxe & Em
Branding. web design. graphic design.

Emily, a Parisian purveyor of authentic second-hand luxury items and professor wanted a “fashion” look that was also warm. She wanted to convey the high quality standards she had for her store while still being inviting/accessible. Beginning with a previously designed logo, I added thickness to the lines of her logo and added in warmer beiges and roses to the banner images and navigation to contrast the industry-standard black and white.

An important part of this project was to research her competitors, especially those in France, to get a feel for how their sites were organized, their aesthetic, and how my client could appeal to a similar client base but still be unique. With rose being an accent color, rather than a major choice, her site remained neutral from a gender perspective while still alluding to her primarily feminine inventory and customer demographic. Other sites were very much marketed to women and I think Luxe & Em was able to speak to both men and women. The original site was created using Squarespace but the client commissioned me again to recreate the site on Shopify.

rosalyn harris
branding. web design. graphic design. content writing.

Jill of All Trades has been my title whenever working with the very talented and entrepreneurial Coach Roz Harris. This fitness and nutrition expert from Indiana started with the small goal of updating her blog and received a completely new brand identity, digital graphics, website, and more. I even got to put my nutritional science degree to good use by writing a few food-related articles for her personal blog and LinkedIn page!

Rosalyn has two main brands: her personal one, Coach Roz Harris; and her fitness studio, Fit Chicks!. Both brands feature a coral/dark peach color for a main brand color as it is feminine but not plain pink and would appeal to an older, career-focused crowd. We went with clean lines complemented by her sweeping signature and muted minor brand colors. As she continues to build her following, I think her brand style is classic enough to grow with her but clean enough to remain current with modern, minimalist design trends.

rackham student government
web design. graphic design.

My best friend Naomi pulled the friend card for my help in redesigning the University of Michigan’s Rackham Student Government website. I hadn’t designed for an institution before and wasn’t sure I was the right fit. However, working with the RSG board over the summer, we created something to be proud of. Previously using an outdated theme without much customization, the new RSG website needed to be more “open,” make it easy to find information on, and feature UMich’s colors more prominently. We stuck with the University’s use of Helvetica and created a really minimalist, yet modern look for the site that could last through board member turnovers and changing trends.

In addition to helping design for the general RSG website, I also designed a one-page site for Naomi’s presidential campaign the following year. It featured a similar minimalist style as the RSG website but with more iconography and graphics. She won, of course!

Dr. Damian Sacky
branding. web design. graphic design.

This was a new industry for me to design for but very fun to work on! Dr. Damian Sacky is a pain physician in Texas and was looking for a website to feature him as the clinician without looking like all of the over “medical doctor” themes out there. We helped overcome that obstacle by choosing a chic color palette that was masculine but still inviting. He also got professional photography to help enhance the design.

Because he wanted his site to be a resource to patients and physicians, I wanted to make sure it was an easy to navigate site with few options. I chose icons (I just love them!) to help achieve this since understanding images comes pretty easily to most people, regardless of language and background. Although there are still content changes he’ll want to make (i.e. my headline instructions on the homepage screenshot) the design came out how we wanted and I am excited to see how this design helps boost his referrals and practice.

web design. graphic design.

TRUCE Utah was an incredible organization to work with. Having previously worked with someone from their team on a different project, I was asked to help organize the information on the website in a way that made more sense for the site visitor.

This organization already had their brand colors and logo in place which gave me some structure as I worked on designing a few additional elements. I focused primarily on making the homepage easily accessible and clearly organized. I then worked on the “Library” of educational resources TRUCE proudly offers to those needing assistance. By focusing on particular actions we wanted site visitors to take, we were able to keep important information in the banner and homepage sections, and move lesser priorities to other pages. Incorporating my digital marketing training into this project was really fun!

barbara diggs
branding. web design. graphic design.

Barbara, also from Paris, is a successful ex-pat copywriter who had wanted to update her website for a while but between work and kids and life, hadn’t been able to get it “just right.” Her colors and overall style were there but her site didn’t have the right balance between professional feminine she wanted to strike and didn’t organize her abundant services or information in an intuitive or attractive way.

Utilizing iconography and very clean, boxy shapes, I was able to pull together a style and organization system that showcased her talents, had a feminine touch, and could appeal to a variety of potential clients.

Chef Manny FD
web design. content writing.

This was a project of the heart for one of my fellow Masterchef show mates, Manny Washington – better known as Chef Manny FD! With his hilarious personality and truly genuine heart, it makes sense why he is so popular and well-loved. He was having issues with his Joomla site and knowing his busy schedule, I suggested Squarespace as it is self-hosted and had the ecommerce capabilities he wanted.

Because of his popularity, Manny had a lot of great media to populate his site with. Showcasing his professional photography, video appearances, and social media accounts were important considerations. He also wanted a fixed header that kept options simple but still offered everything he had, from the shop to events and downloadable recipes.

she is more
branding. web design. graphic design.

As a fellow pageant girl, this project for a former Miss USA was so fun to work on! I had been an avid reader of the She Is More blog for a while and happened to see that they were looking for a designer/developer to help with the look of the website. The theme they were using didn’t match Kristen’s personality at all but had served them well until then. I came in to consult on an updated brand as well as an updated WordPress theme.

We did a complete overhaul of the style, colors, and layout of the website – creating a custom theme based on Themeco’s X Theme. We spent months going over colors and fonts, imagery and layout and in the end, it was so worth it. Kristen wanted a lifestyle/fashion blog look to continue attracting her target demographic and to showcase her content in a much brighter, lighter setting. She also wanted it to be easy for blog readers to find her books, watch her videos, and get in contact. These actions were difficult to complete with the previous theme so making the navigation and information organization clear was a big priority.