Three Ideas I’m Thinking About This Semester

“Education will become fun because it will bubble up from
within and not be forced in from without.”
– Isaac Asimov

I spent time over my winter break thinking about what I wanted to focus on in 2019 – what areas I was most interested in or found exciting, and began thinking of ways to pursue them more in the new year.

1. The culinary industry has been an interest of mine since I was 3 years old so focusing on that more this year was an easy decision. How I want to focus on it and the tools I could use to do so are the variables that excite me the most.

2. As many people do when a new year approaches, I spent a lot of time thinking about my personal life and what I wanted to experience over the next 12 months. Visualizing my future piqued my interest as I considered how XR technologies could support mine and others’ visualization and goal-setting practices. How amazing would it be to spend a few minutes each morning “living” out a version of a life would like to see “for real.” What that could do for one’s mind and confidence for future success interests me.

3. The final area I wanted to focus on this year came to me by chance, not by contemplation. My mom has a high-end bag that I have asked to borrow for LITERALLY 8 years at this point and she finally said “Yes” on NYE when I casually asked her as we left Trader Joe’s. Miracles do happen, y’all. The bag had been sitting on her shelf for years and could use some TLC which I was more than happy to provide. This blessed development combined with my new-found interest in taking better care of my clothes (because I’m living that #gradlife and shopping trips just aren’t happening) sparked an interest in the luxury and fashion industries as they relate to branding and experience design. And similar to visualization, there is an aspirational aspect to the luxury sector that I would like to explore.

My mind map is the result of a rapid session of writing down questions and connections that came to my mind around these three topics. In some way or another, each of these areas has the potential to impact the lives of others in a positive way according to their lifestyle and mindset. There is also an element of craftsmanship and physical handling that can go into all three that I appreciate.

I’ll include a few close-ups of areas I’m particularly interested in below but I see this as just the starting point of my semester. I really enjoyed this article on insights gleaned from Isaac Asimov’s autobiography, in which one thought in particular encouraged me to be okay with this map as a first draft, knowing that it’s not permanent. Getting something down on paper and moving on from there is more important than trying to perfectly capture every idea and connection before I’ve had chance to try any of them out.

To sum it up, I want to continue tinkering on projects with my hands in an analog space this semester while making space for digital integrations. Stepping away from my laptop to produce something physically is gratifying and helps me focus better once I am seated in front of my screen again. I also want to explore deeper connections between course themes on physical computing, XR experiences, and fabrication and my three themes. If I focus on these goals, I can feel at peace regardless of the number of questions or projects I complete from my map. I want to answer some, ask more, and stay curious. That would equal success to me.

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