Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg Taste Test

Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg Taste Test


I actually had the idea for this first. Seriously.

It was my last semester of school and I was working on a “Special Studies” class in the Food Science department. I was vegetarian and recently allergic to soy products so I thought, “I’m going to make an actual scrambled egg substitute. It’s going to smell like eggs, look like eggs, feel like eggs, and of course…taste like eggs. I’m going to be a zillionaire.” I knew what my protein source was going to be, I had 3 different stabilizers/thickeners in mind – I even had a cute name! (Which I won’t share in case I ever work on this idea again lol but if you see a cute and catchy egg substitute on the shelves at Whole Foods one day – you’ll know it’s me). I never ended up actually experimenting with the ingredients – I turned my research paper in and was just happy I was finally graduating.

That’s actually a true story BUTTT I’m pretty sure FYH has had this in the works for a while and I’m so glad they stole my idea 🙂 It’s a great concept, has cute packaging, and actually is a pretty convincing product. It’s completely plant-based and provides the binding, thickening, and emulsifying traits to dishes that chicken eggs give. It even has kala namak or black salt in it to give the mixture that signature sulfuric egg smell! Although I really like the novelty aspect of it and it’s reliability for baking applications, the nutritionist side of me isn’t a fan :/

One chicken egg contains 6g of protein whereas the VeganEgg only has 1. Chicken’s eggs also contain nutrients such as vitamins A, B, D, Calcium and Iron. The VeganEgg’s nutritional facts don’t say it contains any of those things. The one nutritional thumbs-up I give the VeganEgg is that is does contain 4g of fiber which is awesome! The powder contains cellulose, a polysaccharide that is the main component of plant cell walls, which helps to add bulk to our waste products and can help clean out our GI tract. I do think that’s great but I wish the powder contained other important nutrients, not just carbs. I think the VeganEgg is still a great product – I just won’t be relying on it for protein.

I was so anxious to try this out but before jumping in, I looked up tons of YouTube reviews, read blogs, and stalked the FYH Insta for their serving suggestions. They all gave me a great starting point from which to review them for myself but they were also all the expected, safe uses for the VeganEgg. Plus, it’s kinda pricey so I didn’t want to waste any precious golden powder on wack or overdone recipes. I figured if I was going to review this stuff, I was going to really review its egg replacing capabilities. I wasn’t going to just make scrambled eggs or put it in a cake like anybody else.

No – I was going to see if this stuff was worth its black salt (your welcome for that pun) and be able to shine as a star ingredient. That’s when I decided I was going to attempt a technical, classic French pastry where the VeganEgg could either shine or fall flat – eclairs. Ironically, that’s exactly what my pastries did haha! Although the eclairs didn’t turn out quite right, I’m actually still pretty impressed with this product. I think it’s a pretty awesome egg replacer.


After this, I of course tried it in tons of the typical egg-dependent recipes: cupcakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls, hamburger buns, and of course – I scrambled them. And in every application, the VeganEgg worked well. That is, once I figured out how to make it work for my purposes but I’ll talk about ratios and my food science adventures in another post.


Rating: 6.5-7/10

I’m giving the VeganEgg this rating because it is a truly innovative product with so many upsides – I just wish it provided a little more in the nutrition department and that I could perfectly exchange an egg for it. I feel like it took a little trial and error to use it. Overall, incredible job FYH!

Excited to try the VeganEgg? Check out this list of retailers. I bought mine on Amazon but I have also seen it at Jimbo’s and I’m sure Whole Foods sells it.

Want to figure out other cool ways to use it? I love this FYH VeganEgg Forum! People from all over the world contribute their thoughts, recipes, and tips on using the VeganEgg. I even contributed my own thoughts on using it in brownies 🙂

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