Craigslist Rebrand – Part 01

“Effective information architects make the complex clear; they make the information understandable to other human beings.”
– Richard Saul Wurman

I wanted to push myself a bit outside of my comfort zone for this project and choose a subject and design style I haven’t worked with before. With Craigslist as my constraint for category and subject, I chose the “baby and kid stuff” sale section to rebrand. I am not familiar in the slightest as to what appeals to busy, price-conscious parents and the children they are shopping for. It’s a whole new world, filled with the cutest miniature UGG boots and Diaper Genies.

Along with this unfamiliar topic, I wanted to choose a design style that I was also pretty unfamiliar with. I began by contrasting a very minimal, Nordic nursery theme with a bright pink, in-your-face Swedish poster mood. Now one round into this process, I believe I will take the feedback of one of my peers and choose a modified Nordic theme with brighter colors and farm animals to settle on. His reasoning was that while I could design an aesthetically gorgeous UI for this app, the reality is that the photos being uploaded for sale will probably not match the level of sophistication that my brand is aiming for. What great insight!

With this pivot, I am choosing to challenge myself further by working on a few icon designs and staying within a minimal palette. Illustration and drawing are weak areas for me so I am excited to push myself with this. Just imagine a cute, little sheep icon for an app! It is my hope that by incorporating cute, soft animals into my brand, I will offset any potential dissonance between the brand itself and community submitted imagery. Adding playfulness to the cool, Nordic style may be a great way to produce harmony in the app experience overall.

For the next round, I would like to increase my user/industry research and share more of my thought process behind the design and app flow. I am more interested in the decisions behind the app and the coding of the app than the UI itself so I would like to emphasize this more for my own practice and improvement. I want to be sure that with the last few months of this program nearing, I give my attention to what is interesting to me while still designing to the briefs.

I am really energized about this assignment and excited to take it further.

*An update on timeboxing from last week…I had a busy weekend which forced me to work within tight time constraints but I found myself more stressed out than creative this week. Not sure how to find a balance in this just yet but I know one must exist.

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