I am a front-end web designer & developer loving simple beauty and whitespace.

beauty queen. reality tv cook. unicorn?

If there’s one word my family could use to describe me, it would be: curious. There’s just something in my brain that looks at new or interesting things and says “Let’s do that!” That voice has led me on some pretty crazy adventures, like becoming the top 10 home cook on Fox’s Masterchef or winning the title of Miss San Diego (find out about those experiences here and here). In every experience, regardless of the outcome, my curiosity has only brought me more creativity, community, insight, and growth.

For the last six years, I have focused on improving my tech skills, specifically in the areas of graphic and web design. The “classic” creative in me loves the colorful and beautiful side of design while the problem-solver in me enjoys the challenge of making that beauty functional through code. I have worked with some amazing people and businesses, using my superpower of curiosity to develop and design solutions that are beautiful to look at and easy to use. Let’s see what we can make together!

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